This is where I gather as much information as possible.  Whether the project is residential or commercial the information gathering is the same. This process would begin at our first meeting when we discuss your goals for your project.  I would take photographs and verify existing conditions.

Schematic & Design Development

Taking the information from our first meeting I would go back and study the information that was gathered and create some designs for your review.  Then we will review my proposed designs until we come up with something that you love.

Construction Documents

After the design is approved the documents will need to be created to obtain pricing and ultimately obtain a building permit.  Since I have many years of experience I see this part of the process to go relatively smooth.  I would work the building department to make sure they have everything that they need.

Contractor Selection:

I am available to help you select a contractor.  I would sit with you room by room to determine what the level of finish you would like is.  Put together a spread sheet that will assist the contractor with pricing.  After pricing is completed I can then help review and evaluate their pricing.  After we narrow the contractor selection down to a couple I can then call the contractor references and possibly schedule a site visit to view some of there work.

Construction Administration

I am available at any time during the construction process for any questions that you may have.  On residential projects site visits are not necessary by the designer.  For commercial projects field visits are necessary during construction because it is classified as controlled construction.  A report is written and sent to the building department for their review and file.


My goal is client satisfaction.  My only objective is to see that you my client get exactly what you are looking for.  With your vision and my expertise we can make this happen.  I look forward to working with you.